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Russian ICO Issued Cease and Desist Notice


    A Russian ICO that appears to be impersonating Union Bank AG in Liechtenstein has been issued a cease-and-desist notice by the North Dakota Securities Department (NDSD). Commissioner Karen Tyler has stated that the alleged ICO project, Union Bank Payment Coin (UBPC), has extremely similar elements in its website, including wording, style and leadership information.

    Tyler has noted that “financial criminals continue to cash in on the hype and excitement around blockchain, crypto assets and ICOs – investors should be exceedingly cautious when considering a related investment”.

    Bchd Devs Unveil Neutrino Wallet for Bitcoin Cash


    Neutrino, a lightweight wallet with increased privacy is now available for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) holders in beta mode. The Bchd team has stated that “prior to Neutrino there was not a single lightweight wallet available on the market that does not disclose all the addresses in your wallet and your entire transaction history to a third party”.

    Even utilizing TOR does not guarantee privacy according to Bchd, which clarified that Neutrino uses a “client side filtering” approach to mask addresses.

    Kobe Bryant to Speak at niTROn Summit 2019

    HOLLYWOOD, CA - MARCH 04: Filmmaker Kobe Bryant attends the 90th Annual Academy Awards at Hollywood & Highland Center on March 4, 2018 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Dan MacMedan/WireImage) *** Local Caption *** Kobe Bryant

    Basketball legend Kobe Bryant is set to speak at the niTROn Summit 2019, which is hosted by Tron (TRX) on the 17th and 18th of January. The summit aims to “break down industry barriers, eplore potential blockchain solutions” for the crypto industry.

    Tron CEO Justin Sun has stated that he has always been a huge Kobe fan and that “Kobe Bryant is not only a basketball genius, but also an investment genius”.

    The cryptocurrency market has suffered large setbacks this week, with Tron declining almost 17% although institutional investors and financial products have been increasing steadily regardless.

    India Likely to Provide Crypto Regulations Soon


    According to a report by Quartz, the Indian government is likely to provide guidance on what rules the country will be implementing for its cryptocurrency industry. The report cites a counter-affidavit issued by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, noting that new regulations could be unveiled by next month.

    A panel headed by Sughash Chandra Garg is reportedly working on a draft bill to be presented to lawmakers, with the initial proposals sent to members of the inter-ministerial committee (IMC).

    The Indian cryptocurrency industry has been kept in regulatory limbo since a banking service ban was enacted by the Reserve Bank of India.

    3 OTC Desks Combining to Provide Data for New Index


      Cumberland, Genesis Trading and Circle Trade have announced that they will be providing data for a new Bitcoin index named MVIS Bitcoin US OTC Spot Index. The new platform is affiliated to VanEck and will be a unique addition to the cryptosphere as it collects information from OTC desks as opposed to exchanges.

      Head of Digital Asset Strategy at VanEck Gabor Gurbacs has stated that “transparency is coming to the over-the-counter market… before this no one would publish the price and it happened behind the scenes”.


      Bitit Adds Eleven New Cryptocurrencies      


      Bitit cryptocurrency exchange has added eleven new cryptocurrencies to its platform. The new tokens are XLM, ADA, TRX, BNB, NEO, VET, ONT, BAT, ZIL, TUSD and PAX.

      The exchange already offers the main cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ethereum Classic, among others. More than 15 fiat currencies are accepted on the platform, which accepts credit card payments as well.

      ARK Core V2 Announces Mainnet Launch


      ARK, the project aiming to create an ecosystem of linked blockchains and endless use cases, has announced that its mainnet – Core V2 – is ready to launch and will be doing do on the 28th of November.

      ARK hails the V2 as being code that was created entirely “from scratch”, and touts the low transaction fees and transaction per second that it will bring users.

      The full article of the announcement can be found here.




      Deputy AG Calls for International Cooperation


        Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has called for international cooperation  in investigating crypto-related crimes. Rosenstein was speaking at Interpol’s 87th General Assembly and stated that “we must not allow criminals to hide behind cryptocurrencies”.

        Rosenstein also acknowledged that cryptocurrencies had beneficial use cases but reiterated that “the challenges of regulating the use of cryptocurrencies demands a multinational response”.


        Airfox CEO Addresses Community after Settlement


          Victor Santos, the CEO of Airfox, one of the ICO projects that recently settled with the Securities and Exchange Commission and agreed to register as a security offering, has reached out to the community to explain how the company will move forward in 2019.

          The move to register is seen as a positive in the article, as the reports and audits “will increase transparency for token holders”. The company also offers to reimburse investors who are no longer interested in the firm. Read the full article here.



          CBDC Years Away – Thai Central Banker


            The governor of the Bank of Thailand Veerathai Santiprabhob has chimed in on the possibility of issuing a central bank digital currency (CBDC), stating that such a financial instrument was “years away”.

            The potential convenience and appeal of CBDCs have made it a constant topic recently, with the Bank of Azerbaijan giving similar negative views last week. Santiprabhob has stated that the utilization of digital currencies will be complicated, and that the people of developing countries would need to be prepared first, while the technology needs to improve as well.

            Trezor Warns Against ‘Clone’ Devices


              Trezor, the popular hardware wallet for cryptocurrencies has warned users that copies of its wallet have appeared on the market, manufactured by an unknown party. While the firm acknowledges that there are similar devices to its wallet, these devices attempt to mimic original Trezors exactly, and are sold at a vastly reduced price.

              Trezor has cautioned users against purchasing it’s devices on third-party websites, stating that any person wishing to sell a fake device has already proven themselves a cheat, and therefore unworthy of being trusted with users’ cryptocurrencies.

              Community Hype Regarding XRP Grows


              With the rest of the crypto market having one of the lowest prices in recent history, the XRP token has been thriving, with its token price increasing 117% currently compared November 17th – in comparison, Bitcoin fell by 29% and Ethereum declined by 46%.

              XRP has already overtaken ETH as the second most prolific cryptocurrency and the community has seen a growing belief that it may overtake BTC eventually as well.

              Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao has indicated he is considering making XRP a base currency on Binance, while CNBC’s Ran Neu-Ner recently stated to widespread astonishment that there is a good argument to liquidate BTC holdings and buy XRP instead.

              Huobi Global Awards BCH Ticker to Bitcoin ABC Blockchain


              Huobi Global has announced that the tokens mined by the Bitcoin ABC blockchain will be traded under the BCH ticker, while Bitcoin SV will be given BSV. Bitcoin SV tokens will be given to users at a 1:1 ratio according to the snapshot taken at 0040 (GMT+8) on the 16th of November.

              The platform has stated that withdrawals will be re-opened when blockchain stability has been established.



              Hodl Hodl Raises Seed Funding from Investors


              Cryptocurrency exchange Hodl Hodl has announced that it has successfully completed a seed round led by WhalePanda. Other private investors have contributed as well, although the amount of investment raised was not disclosed.

              The funds have been slated to expand Hodl’s OTC business and improve its exchange, and will also introduce a real-estate related project named Househodl.

              Whalepanda has stated that “Hodl Hodl is helping Bitcoin to become what it’s meant to be and that’s fungible peer-to-peer money”.

              Early Futures Closure Generates Losses for OKEx Traders


              Cryptodigest reported last week that OKEx had decided to close all Bitcoin Cash (BCH) futures contracts early due to significant price volatility. A Bloomberg report today states that the early closure resulted in large losses for some investors, quoting Qiao Changhe of Consensus Technologies who alleges a $700,000 loss to his fund.

              The resultant loss will make traders like Changhe reduce their exposure on the crypto exchange according to the report, with irate traders stating that “OKEx is losing its credibility”.

              Fraudsters Making Clients Nervous – Deloitte Exec


                Linda Pawczuk, Chief of Deloitte Consulting’s financial services blockchain group has stated that fraudulent players in the crypto industry are making clients and the board members of the firm increasingly nervous.

                Pawczuk had told CoinDesk that “the boards are asking us about it because it’s in the news… so it hasn’t helped us, the association with the bad actors”. The interview covered a wide range of topics within the blockchain industry and on Deloitte company as well, read it here.

                Crypto Investment Firms Launches Two New Funds


                  Israeli cryptocurrency investment firm Silver Castle Ltd., has launched two new crypto funds for institutional investors, according to Bloomberg.

                  The firm handles accounts for some high-profile Israel entities, such as the former CEO of the Bank of Hapoalim and founder of the country’s largest investment fund, Psagot Ofek.

                  Silver Castle CEO Eli Mizroch has stated that the firm is creating very secure infrastructure to handle institutional clients, as Israel has a dynamic and ever-increasing crypto industry sector.


                  Both BCH Forks Mining at a Loss – BitMEX Research


                  BitMEX Research has tweeted that both resultant forks created after the Bitcoin Cash hardfork are now mining at a significant loss. The platform had launched a network monitoring tool for the hardfork earlier this month as well.

                  BitMEX has estimated that the Bitcoin SV (BSV) camp is losing $280,000 per day, while Bitcoin ABC (BAB) miners are losing a whopping $440,000. The reason for this is because the difficulty setting on BAB is almost twice of that of BSV, even though more blocks have been mined on the BAB chain.

                  Poloniex Adds New Markets for USDC


                  Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange has announced on twitter that it has added new trading pairs for Circle’s dollar-pegged stablecoin USDC. The token will be available for trading against XRP, XMR, STR, DOGE, LTC and ZEC. The platform has also offered traders zero fee trades until the 30th of November.

                  Poloniex added support for the USDC token in September, with users having the ability to convert the tokens back to fiat through bank account transactions, if necessary.

                  ICO Issuer Pleads Guilty to Securities Fraud


                    Maksim Zaslavskiy, a Brooklyn businessman who had promoted two ICO projects by fraudulently claiming that they were backed by diamonds and real estate, has plead Guilty to the charges.

                    The US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York Richard Donoghue has stated that “the calculated lies… led unsuspecting investors who thought they were purchasing cryptocurrency securities to by worthless certificates”. Donoghue reiterated that his office would prosecute “those who exploit and defraud investors, whether through traditional means of securities fraud, or new forms”.

                    Binance Asks Iranian Crypto Traders to Withdraw Funds


                    Cryptocurrency exchange Binance (BNB) has asked Iranian crypto traders to withdraw their funds for the platform, as it will be complying with the new sanctions enacted by President Trump.

                    The head of Iran’s Blockchain Association Sepehr Mohamadi has stated that many exchanges have sent similar requests to traders from the nation.

                    Binance has been closing accounts that are verified through Iranian passports, and advising traders with IP addresses associated in the nation to complete withdrawals as soon as possible.

                    France to Support Regulated Crypto Projects


                    France may become the first country to provide regulated ICOs, as authorities are considering allowing ICOs to opt for regulation, according to a Reuters report. If a project registers, it will comply with regulators, receive governmental support, pay the relevant taxes and be considered more trustworthy by the public, according to the state.

                    The French ICO market has been on a slow growth compared to the US and International markets, although French officials have expressed interest in making the nation an ICO-hub.


                    Two ICOs Settle Charges with SEC


                    Two ICO tokens – Airfox and Paragon – have settled their charges with the Securities and exchange Commission (SEC) and agreed to register as securities.  Both token sales were conducted last year with Airfox raising $15M and Paragon $12M.

                    Both companies have been asked to refund investors, file periodic reports and pay a $250,000 fine.

                    SEC Enforcement Division Co-Director Stephanie Avakian has stated that the SEC has “made it clear that companies that issue securities through ICOs are required to comply with existing statutes and rules”.

                    MCO Visa Card Receives US Approval


                      Crypto.com has announced via twitter that its MCO visa cards will be available for US customers soon. The cards will be issued by Metropolitan Bank, based in New York City.

                      Metropolitan’s CEO Mark DeFazio has stated that “this program speaks directly to the entrepreneurial bank spirit… the MCO Visa Card is quite unique and provides a bridge between traditional banking and cryptocurrencies”.

                      The MCO card allows fee-free transactions and other perks such as airport lounge access, and is linked to the Crypto.com wallet app, which allows users to maintain and spend their crypto balances easily.

                      Crypto-Related Job Interest Slightly Decreased– Indeed


                        Data from Indeed.com, an online job posting site has indicated that interest regarding crypto-related jobs has declined from both employer and job hunter perspectives.

                        Searches with keywords Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency have dropped by 3% since last year for job seekers, while employer interest has increased by 25%. However, the decrease is marginal when put in perspective, as job seekers showed 481% interest between 2016-2017, while employer interest was up by 325%, unsustainable figures for any industry.

                        BTC a Ponzi Scheme – Gary Shilling  


                        Financial analyst Gary Shilling has stated that his investment firm A. Gary Shilling& Co., is shorting Bitcoin (BTC) since it’s “some kind of a grand ponzi scheme”.

                        Shilling made these comments to CNBC, stating that the anonymity of creator Satoshi Nakamoto also troubled him. The fact that only a set number of Bitcoin can be mined was also questioned, with Shilling stating that “there’s supposedly a limit on there, but where is it written in stone that that can’t increase?”.

                        Shilling has previously stated that he doesn’t understand Bitcoin, and he won’t invest if he doesn’t understand the tech.

                        Tron to be Listed on FCoin Exchange


                        Tron (TRX) founder Justin Sun has announced that the token will be listed on FCoin cryptocurrency exchange beginning on November 19th. TRX will be trading against BTC, ETH and USDT with trading set to begin on the 21st of November at 2000 (SGT).

                        FCoin exchange has garnered an unsavory reputation online with its practice of returning all user fees through its own token (trans-fee mining model), as well as clogging up the Ethereum network with ‘votes’ in July.

                        Bitcoin SV Persists Despite Lower Hashrate


                        The lead-up to the Bitcoin Cash hardfork was full of martial promises and declarations, especially by the Bitcoin SV (BSV) faction, who promised a 51% attack on the Bitcoin ABC (BAB) blockchain after the fork.

                        However, the BAB blockchain currently has the dominant hashpower, with the chain ‘borrowing’ hashpower from the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain. The higher power has ensured that the blockchain has outpaced the BSV blockchain, while the BTC blockchain in turn has suffered due to the lack of quick transaction validation.

                        The prices reflect this difference, with BAB trading at around $300 while BSV hovers around $88.

                        Cryptocurrency Inquiries have Declined – Japanese FSA


                          The Japanese Financial Services Agency has reported that the number of investors inquiring after cryptocurrencies has declined during Q3 of 2018.

                          34% were regarding general inquiries, while 32% were on individual transactions and contracts. The other 34% were not categorized.

                          Unsurprisingly, the FSA saw a sharp spike in inquiries in early 2018, when cryptocurrencies were on a bull run. A number of hacks of Japanese exchanges and the enduring bearish market conditions are seen as the reason for the lessening interest from investors.

                          Canada, U.K and Singapore Banks in Favor of CBDCs


                            A jointly published report by the Canadian, U.K and Singapore Central Banks have favorable views of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), stating that these products could improve counter-party credit risk for cross border inter-bank payments and settlements.

                            The report has outlined drawbacks in the traditional systems as well, including cyber-security issues, lack of transparency and high operational costs. Read more on the report here.

                            CBDCs have been gaining increased awareness since the rise in popularity of stablecoins, with banking institutes aiming to stay relevant in the payments processes.


                            SEC Reportedly Investigating Erik Voorhees & Salt Lending


                              The Wall Street Journal has reported that both Salt Lending (SL) and its former CEO Erik Voorhees are under investigation from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The investigation is on the $50M ICO that SL held in 2017 and if it was actually a securities offering that should have been registered with the regulator.

                              The SEC is also looking into how tokens were distributed and the way in which the funds were spent.

                              Voorhees had previously been charged and fined for a securities violation in 2014 and was banned from creating a Bitcoin security offering for five years.

                              Azerbaijan Not Planning on Issuing a CBDC

                                Free picture (Digital money background) from https://torange.biz/fx/digital-money-background-173379

                                The Central Bank of Azerbaijan (CBA) has stated that it has no plans to issue a central bank digital currency (CBDC), due to the “risky and dangerous” nature of such products.

                                First Chairman of the CBA Alim Guliyev made these comments, adding for good measure that he believes money laundering to be the goal of cryptocurrencies.

                                CBDCs have gained the spotlight recently after the stablecoin boom as states began wondering if a bank-backed digital currency would be beneficial.

                                Ethereum GPU Mining at Zero Profitability

                                A replica "ether" cryptocurrency coin in seen in this photo illustration on November 8, 2017. Ether is a token in a distributed network computing system named Ethereum which allows the cryptocurrency to be used and traded. (Photo by Jaap Arriens/Sipa USA) (Photo by Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

                                In a blow to mining decentralization, GPU miners have seen their profits from mining Ethereum (ETH) decrease to zero, according to research cited by CNBC. The high difficulty in mining a block as well as the current low price of ETH have contributed to greatly increase miner woes.

                                As the token was widely used to fund ICOs, the cryptocurrency is vulnerable to sell-offs, and mining hashpower has gradually decreased. The decrease in GPU mining has had a rippling effect, adversely effecting GPU makers such as Nvidia and AMD.

                                Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork Successfully Conducted


                                The former Bitcoin Cash blockchain has now splintered in two, and separate blockchains have begun mining – the two tokens potentially named BCHABC and BCHSV. BCHABC has mined its first two blocks, which were marked invalid by the SV chain while BCHSV has yet to mine a block.

                                BCHABC has widespread support with nodes and community, with almost 75% nodes running the ABC version of the upgrade. However, BCHSV has almost 70% of the previous blockchain’s hashrate, threatening an attack on BCHABC.

                                In a countermove, just prior to the fork, Bitcoin.com redirected its Bitcoin (BTC) mining hashpower in support of the new blockchain.

                                BTC “The Evil Spawn of the Financial Crisis” – Bank Exec


                                An executive Board member of the European Central Bank (ECB), Benoit Coeure has stated that in his opinion, Bitcoin (BTC) is the “evil spawn of the [2008] financial crisis”.

                                The comment has been made at the Bank of International Settlements – whose general manager has aired similar disparaging views. Reiterating his point, Coeure continued that “few remember that Satoshi Nakamoto embedded the genesis block with a Times headline from January 2009 about U.K Banks’ bailout”.

                                Coeure has also stated that there “is broad agreement that a CBDC , in whatever form, is unlikely to be issued within the next decade”.

                                Bitcoin Breakdown May Take Months to Repair – Analyst


                                Speaking on the recent breakdown of Bitcoin (BTC) price, Fundstrat Global Advisors analyst Rob Sluymer has stated that the collapse has sent the market into the “deeply oversold” area, and long-term indications are not favorable for an immediate rebound.

                                Sluymer has stated that a steady rally is possible, but that “this week’s breakdown produced significant technical damage that will likely take weeks, if not months to repair to create a durable enough price structure to support a multi-month rally”.

                                Coinbase Adds XRP to its Custody Platform


                                Coinbase Custody has added the XRP token to its platform without any announcement. The crypto community has also noted that the Ripple logo has been used to signify XRP, a curious occurrence considering Ripple’s insistence that its token XRP is not synonymous with the company.

                                XRP is now one of two tokens that are available on the custody platform, but are unavailable on the crypto exchange as yet (OMG is the other).


                                Congressman to Eliminate SEC Jurisdiction from Crypto


                                  Warren Davidson, the Congressman from Ohio has stated that he is aiming to introduce a bill that will remove cryptocurrencies from the SEC’s jurisdiction.

                                  Davidson is known for his pro-crypto stance, recently meeting with representatives of prominent members of the crypto industry to discuss legislation. He is a member of the House Committee on Financial Services, responsible for securities, insurance banking and housing among other sectors.

                                  The congressmen has yet to announce his co-sponsors for the bill, and hopes to get bi-partisan support, having to run it past a Democratic House and Republican Senate and Executive.


                                  Exchanges Vary in Support of BCH Hardfork


                                  Cryptocurrency exchanges have varied between supporting both tokens after the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hardfork or simply using the token produced by Bitcoin ABC as the official BCH coin.

                                  Bitstamp, Coinbase and Coinex have stated that the Bitcoin ABC price will be listed as the official BCH price, although Coinex has stated that the BSV (Bitcoin SV) token will be listed on the platform as well. Coinbase has not mentioned listing the BSV token.

                                  Binance and Poloniex will list both tokens, with Poloniex already offering pre-fork trading.

                                  BitGo Adds the Gemini Dollar


                                  BitGo has added the Gemini Dollar (GUSD) as its 101st asset, continuing its effort to add more stablecoins and lure institutions to its platform. The crypto custodian added Circle’s USDC on the 6th November as well, with stablecoins such as PAX, DAI and TUSD being steadily added over the last six months.

                                  BitGo product technical manager Isaac Eleftheriadis has stated that the addition of stablecoin was driven by customer demand, as the asset class gained popularity over the last few months.

                                  John McAfee Steps in to Defend Bitcoin ABC


                                  Jihan Wu and Bitcoin ABC received support somewhat surprisingly from the vocal crypto enthusiast John McAfee. In a dramatic statement, McAfee pledged his “sword and loyalty” to the “war” that will be waging after the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hardfork.

                                  Community members on twitter were quick to inquire if McAfee was working on any projects or future collaborations with Jihan Wu, to which McAfee responded stating that he was involved in general improvement of the community.

                                  XRP Overtakes ETH Amidst Market Crash


                                  XRP has weathered the crypto price storm slightly better, and as a result has overtaken Ethereum (ETH) once again as the altcoin with the second largest market cap.

                                  The initial steep drop in prices saw XRP trading at $0.4, although it has since retraced to its current price of $0.46. Although selling pressure continues, the RSI and MACD have indicated a lessening of downward momentum.

                                  OKCoin Launches in Latin America


                                  OKCoin, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world has announced that it will begin operations in Latin America, accepting the Argentinian peso for trade with cryptocurrencies.

                                  The exchange already accepts US dollars from users throughout the globe, and the support for the peso is an indication of its interest in expanding to the region, according to a press release. Other fiat currencies from the region are planned to be added in the future as well.

                                  CEO of OKCoin USA Tim Byun has stated that this is just the beginning of the exchange’s expansion within the region.


                                  Bitcoin Price Crash is Good – Travis Kling


                                    Chief Investment Officer of Lkigai crypto asset management firm Travis Kling has tweeted that the Bitcoin price drop will bring more traders back into Bitcoin (BTC) instead of other smaller capped coins.

                                    His statement reads “BTC holding on was giving folks hope to hold on to their shitcoin bags for a broad-based pump that won’t come”.

                                    Meltem Demirors, Chief Strategic Officer of CoinShares expressed a similar sentiment, stating that most of the smaller assets did not see much trading and were anyway suffering from “liquidity crisis”.


                                    Crypto Wipeout Effects Equity Markets


                                      The fallout from the price drop of cryptocurrencies has bled into equity markets as well, with crypto-affiliated companies suffering the heaviest blow.  The crypto market fell from $210B to $183B.

                                      Banking giant SBI Holdings, which is affiliated and invested in Ripple, saw a price drop of 3% from its shares, while Tokyo based Monex saw a steeper price drop possibly due to it owning Coincheck, the crypto exchange that suffered a massive hack at the beginning of the year.


                                      Coinbase CTO Believes Home Mining is Viable


                                      Coinbase CTO Balaji Srinivasan has stated that the time might be right for home crypto mining devices such as the Coinmine home miner that began accepting pre-orders yesterday. Srinivasan says that with the decentralized pool of cryptocurrencies available, a single user does not need to compete with large mining pools to earn a decent income from mining.

                                      Srinivasan noted that “there are so many different coins and tokens out there that it’s almost certainly possible to make a profit – or at least mine a decent amount of some crypto”.

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