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Binance CEO Think Crypto Market is Undervalued

    Photo Golden Bitcoins new virtual money Close-up on a blue background.

    Changpeng Zhao is firm on the idea that the current state of the market is undervalued.

    He shared his thoughts on the current state of the industry; the pricing of the industry doesn’t seem to factor in the ongoing development and interest in the industry.

    Zhao went on to say that developers are buildings more, people are attending conferences more and there is a lot more development in the space, but he could be wrong.

    It is worth noting that despite the free fall of cryptocurrency prices in 2018, exchanges marked a record year.

    Licensed Crypto Exchange Covesting Introduces Fiat Gateway


    Covesting, a licensed European-based digital currency exchange and professional exchange has introduced the first stage of their fiat gateway and cryptocurrency converter.

    EUR deposits via wire transfer are now available. Additionally, options for fiat deposits or withdrawals as will as the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies will be released over the coming weeks.

    This launch is only the first step towards the company’s ultimate goal of being the secure and transparent cryptocurrency platform in the industry, said Covesting’s Founder and CEO, Dmitrij Pruglo.

    Cryptoassets Need Financialization in Order to Succeed


      Caitlin Long, a member of the Wyoming blockchain coalition and former managing director at Morgan Stanley, noted that digital assets need financialization in order to succeed.

      Cryptoassets must be borrowable to become financialized. Additionally, investors should protect cryptocurrency against the incentive to misuse it.

      When substitutes for real money are created and then used as if they’re real, oftentimes, these substitutes are inflated insidiously so that a select few corrupt market participants can gain something without actually creating real market value.

      Per the 22-year Wall Street veteran’s words, “for bitcoin, responsible financialization will involve finding ways to lend bitcoin without corrupting it.”


      Coinbase’s Compliance Officer Boosts Crypto Operations in the UK


      Coinbase, a leading cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, is keen on solidifying its position in the United Kingdom, and therefore have hired Mark Kelly.

      Kelly has over 30 years of experience in the industry, with his expertise being in regulatory compliance, with experience in Barclays Capital and Grant Thornton.

      Kelly would have to ensure Coinbases’ crypto operations in the United Kingdom are guided by the e-money license which it received from the Financial Conduct Authority, UK’s financial watchdog. The license also allows Coinbase to operate in other countries in the European Union.

      Major Security Issues Plague Turkey’s Sistemkoin Exchange


      Sistemkoin Exchange in Turkey performed $68,000,000 worth of transactions in a 24 hour period.

      Normally this would a cause for celebrations however, there were none as a security researcher found the exchange had a multitude of issues that needed to be addressed.

      The researcher has been working with the exchange to fix the issue, which allows the public access to a lost of user data.

      Every crypto exchange needs to be able to make withdrawals for its users since even a scam can allow deposits, most of the tickets were related to withdrawal issues, which indicates the lack of following security practices.

      Swiss Bank Falcon Launches Crypto Wallet With Withdrawals to Fiat


        Switzerland-based Falcon Private Bank has introduced support for direct transfers and storage of selected cryptocurrencies, according to an official press release published 21st January.

        Falcon only supports major cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC), the press release notes.

        Falcon mentions its “proprietary custody service” that it claims to provide secure storage of digital assets. The bank also states that its crypto service is compliant with local Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer regulations.

        Falcon Private Bank was first authorized to manage blockchain-based assets in July 2017, following approval from the Swiss Financial Supervisory Authority (FINMA).


        Apollo (APL) Project Called Out as a Scam by Redditors


          Apollo (APL) is marketed as an “all-in-one cryptocurrency” that provides the users everything from robust privacy features to smart contracts, boasting about it in their communities. Headed by Steve McCullah, a known scammer.

          But Redditor RozzyPoffle identified that the website was built on Wix, and the developers no clue on how to deliver on the aforementioned promises. Additionally, APL is an NXT fork.

          At the time of writing, APL is in the middle of a pump and dump scheme that could hurt many investors. And the slightest hint of wrongdoing on the community pages results in the user being banned.

          Haven (XHV) Protocol Labelled a Scam by the Community


            Havendev Protocol Pulls the first exit scheme of 2019.

            A member of the marketing team said the lead developer (havendev) has been out of contact for weeks despite multiple attempts to reach him, and is the only person with access to the code repository and has not opened it up to other developers.

            Later a developer agreed with this colleague, stating that havendev has not been transparent.

            Havendev replied to the allegations by stating that he will keep the code under wraps until it is ready to be released to the team so they may continue the project with new developers.

            The allegations have had their impact, Bittrex announced it will be removing the coin citing the complaints about the coin being a scam.

            Crypto Garage Gets Authorization from Japan’s Regulatory Sandbox


              The Regulatory Sand Box in Japan, managed by the Country’s Secretariat, have announced the names of the companies that have been chosen to test their products.

              Among the lucky few are Panasonic, MICIN and Crypto Garage (A joint venture between Digital Garage and the Toyoko Tanashi Co.Ltd., was announced on January 21st.)

              The sandbox was announced last year and aims to encourage the implementation of advanced technologies and new business models.

              Beamprivacy (Beam) Blockchain Issue


                Beamprivacy (BEAM) announced an upgrade to its Mainnet on January 18th, aimed at “stability and address management”.

                However, it seems the team missed the mark on the ‘stability’ portion of it’s upgrade. 5 hours ago the official twitter account stated that the blockchain had stopped at a particular block, offering no further explanation to the users than “we are investing and will release a statement soon.”.

                Only after 2 and a half hours later were the users given any information about their funds. The team said the issues was identified and fixed, and customers were told their funds were safe.



                Hydrogen Announces Partnership with IBM


                  Hydrogen – the financial technology (fintech) company behind the blockchain and cryptocurrency Hydro – has announced a long-term collaboration with IBM, one of the biggest tech companies.

                  Hydrogen will be working with IBM on multiple fronts. Mainly to deploy Hydrogen’s API’s in the IBM Cloud Catalog, which allows IBM Cloud users to build sophisticated fintech applications and in turn, Hydrogen will be able to work with IBM Cloud sales and developer teams.

                  IBM Global Business Services, which works with financial institutions across North America, and Hydrogen aim to support financial institutions big and small, in areas from investing to insurance.


                  Binance Declines to Confirm Locations for Crypto-Fiat Exchange


                  Binance, the Major crypto currency exchange allegedly plans to expand to eight to new countries in 2019. Following the report on the 17th of January by The Block, a Binance spokesperson has declined to confirm six of the alleged locations.

                  According to The Block’s report, included a screenshot of a spreadsheet outlining all the locations for Binance’s fiat-crypto exchanges that are already-launched, intended and under consideration.

                  In addition to Uganda — which launched in October — and just-live Jersey, the Block listed Singapore, Malta, South Korea, Liechtenstein, Argentina, Russia, Turkey and Bermuda.

                  Distributed Technology Research and its Race Against VISA


                    Distributed Technology Research – the non profit organisation consisting academics from MIT to Stanford organized by Pantera Capital – aims to create a super-cryptocurrency.

                    Named Unit-e, the coin will hopefully be able to process as many as 10,000 transactions per second, and is slated to launch during Q3 of 2019. Which would put it ahead of the current cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin has a TPS of 7, Ethereum at 15 and the fastest Ripple which runs at 1,500.

                    However, 10,000 TPS is dwarfed by conventional methods like VISA which reportedly has a TPS of 24,000.

                    It’s evident decentralized currencies have a long way to go.

                    How Tencent Might Soon Acquire Two Major Bitcoin Exchanges


                      Tencent – the $400 billion Chinese tech conglomerate – has weighed a bid for the South Korean holding company that controls them. Tencent is actively pursuing the South Korean-based NXC Corp.

                      Kim Jung-ju reportedly wants to sell a 98.64% share in the company that he co-founded in 1994. That stake, held by Kim and his wife is estimated to be worth between $7.1 to $8.9 billion.

                      Though best known for its gaming empire NXC owns multiple crypto exchanges, the major ones being Korbit and Bitstamp, each with a respective monthly trading volume of $350 million and $150 million.

                      Ethereum Devs Propose Late February Constantinople Launch


                        Ethereum core developers have proposed activating Constantinople – a hard fork that was to come in December, 2018 – in February, 2019.

                        The actual launch date is still not officially confirmed. Supposedly 26 – 28th February is a possible go-live period, however, being unconfirmed, the whole month can be taken in consideration.

                        The proposal was made during a meeting including Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin and other developers, including Hudson Jameson, Lane Rettig, among others. The tough decision comes after a security vulnerability was flagged by ChainSecurity.

                        Meanwhile, every negative announcement from the team, results in the token taking a price hit.

                        A Look into Asian Projects and Their Potential for Investors


                        Asia has become a hotspot for cryptocurrency with countries like Thailand already set to start trading the digital assets. Japan – in particular is interesting they have a lot going on with notable projects such as – QASH, MONACOIN, and Cardano (ADA), the latter of which Japan is rumored to hold 95% of.

                        South Korea and Singapore are looking in to crypto with less enthusiasm than their east Asian counter parts.

                        For an investors and traders, the Asia-Pacific markets are the fastest growing in any sector, given that well establish countries are joining the crypto space, means there is potential.

                        Ten X Relaunches VISA Debit Card in Singapore


                        Ten X adoption among merchants is growing and Tex X aims to ensure that their users can spend their cryptocurrencies in their daily activities.

                        The relaunch is exclusive to Singapore for the moment, but the company has the rest of the Asia Pacific region in their sights in the coming weeks.

                        Toby Heensich, the CEO and founder of Ten X was thrilled at the relaunch after the long wait by their customers and previous cardholders.

                        Binance Dominates Exchanges, Followed by OKex and ZbTalk


                          CryptoCompare’s December report has some interesting insight into the world’s leading exchanges.

                          Binance has always been considered the largest exchange for some time now, and handles on average $664 million worth of transactions a day, for a total of 20.5 billion in December.

                          What is most surprising is the gain in market share by other exchanges. Binance was followed closely by OKEx which traded 19.2 billion in the same time frame.

                          The number one cryptocurrency exchange using the controversial revenue model, traded $10.4 billion in December, followed by ZBG and EXX, which traded $5.13 billion, and $4.58 billion respectively. In total, trans-fee mining exchanges traded $23.2 billion

                          Crypto VC 1confirmation Seeking $60 Million For New Fund


                            2018’s bearish market for the cryptocurrency markets was in short disastrous. Investors lost faith, Wall Street seemly pulled out and entire startups collapsed.

                            Yet ambitious VC groups continue to seek financiers arguing that this is an optimal time to buy.

                            Among these VC’s is 1confirmation which is looking to raise $60 million for its second fund – more than double during the firms inaugural round which raised $27 million.

                            1confirmation, which has holdings Veil, Coinbase, Bitcoin, Ethereum and others plans to back infantile crypto projects by purchasing equity or tokens.

                            This enthusiasm could be contagious and pull the markets in to the green.

                            Tron Accelerator Concluded, Winning Project to be Launched on Tron


                              Tron’s developer contest, Tron Accelerator, ended on a successful note, albeit some controversy that was quickly extinguished.

                              During the past month, around 1,000 blockchain enthusiasts and developers from Tron’s global community took part in the contest. In the end, 113 quality blockchain projects from around the world shared the $1,000,000 prize and R&D fund.

                              The winning dApps have already been launched on the (dAppHouse), Tron’s official dApp platform. The dApps range from games, transactions, wallets and even AI.

                              Thanks to TRON’s network performance advantage and active user base, many DApps were warmly received by users shortly after launch.

                              Komid Exchange Leaders Jailed for Fraud


                                Komid the Korean cryptocurrency exchange Komid were sentenced yesterday to serve in jail for orchestrating fraudulent trading volume reports on their platform.

                                The CEO of the company Choi, received a 3 year sentence while another named Park, was sentenced to 2 years under charges of fraud, embezzlement and misconduct.

                                Prosecutors outlined a scheme wherein the two defendants fabricated 5 million transactions on their platform to deceive investors in to thinking the volume was natural, which led to the two earning about $45 million.

                                Last month UPbit was indicted on similar charges of fraud, hopefully companies will take note of this and be more cautious.


                                DASH is Now Accepted Thailand’s Largest Mobile Top Up Provider


                                The cryptocurrency DASH has partnered with Thailand’s Mobile Topup as means of payment.

                                This is a huge step towards mainstream adoption of DASH. Users can top up all big Thai phone operators using DASH.

                                DASH has been having a massive push in countries like Thailand, Venezula and Turkey.

                                The Bear Market doesn’t seem to affect the adoption of DASH, at the time of writing CoinMarketCap indicates is priced at $71.36 and growing at 0.72%.

                                Today DASH is accepted by more than 4,000 merchants, and saw more than 66 integrations in 2018, listed on 38 exchanges, and partnered with more than 10 payment processors.

                                Bitcoin Rallies Markets into the Green


                                At the time of writing, 6 of the 10 major coins are in the green, with Bitcoin (BTC) allegedly being the reason, up 0.63%, priced at $3,672.53 and a market cap change of nearly $800 million (data provided by CoinMarketCap).

                                In addition, the Federal Reserve Bank of St.Louis research confirms that there is demand for BTC.

                                Market participants are optimistic and for good reasons. Trading patterns points at bull runs, and as prices swing between the 14th of January low and the $3800 trigger.

                                Ethereum is Undergoing a Chain-Split Before Constantinople?


                                Due to the abrupt delay of Ethereum’s much awaited hard fork – Constantinople, the network is currently undergoing a chain-split.

                                10% of the miners however, seems not to have received the memo on time and are now on Constantinople.

                                Though the reasoning for the split is unknown, these miners suffered a loss of an estimated $250,000. There is a speculation that the miners did this on purpose. To what end? It is unknown.

                                Whether this is now an emergency situation isn’t very clear. However, it is stated that the transactions can be replayed, thus the situation should be resolved soon.

                                Tron Developing dApps at an Incredible Pace


                                Justin Sun and the TRON network has received a lot of criticism in the last few days, from a disgruntled employee commenting that he doesn’t know what he’s doing, and  having a competition akin to a scam.

                                After the mishandled competition on the just 3 days ago, Tron released a statement on twitter on the 17th of January, saying “TRON has 145 DApps, and it’s only the 3rd month since TRON started developing DApps. We believe that TRON will grow even more rapidly in 2019.”

                                One could speculate that Tron’s rapid growth could increase trading prices and put it in the green.

                                Venezuela Encourages Residents to Buy Property with Petro


                                The Government of of Venezula is reportedly planning to encourage its citizens to buy property using the newly issued state issued cryptocurrency – the Petro.

                                Since its launch, President Maduro has been promoting the Petro.

                                The country has been pushed to the brink of economic collapse and Ildemaro Villarroel, Venezuela’s minister for Habitat and Housing, told local news outlets that there was real estate currently available under the nation’s Great Housing Mission scheme. There is also a 10% discount being offered on all property that is purchased using the Petro.


                                Blockpass Announces Listing of PASS Token on Bitfinex and Ethfinex


                                Digital identity verification solution Blockpass today announced on the 17th of January 2019, the successful listing of its native utility token, PASS, on popular token exchanges Bitfinex and Ethfinex.

                                Blockpass is to be integrated into the Ethfinex ICO platform, streamling customer identity verification and on boarding for participating in token sales.

                                PASS is an ERC20 KYC standard utility token that serves as a discount voucher for the Blockpass platform. The first-of-its kind, PASS seamlessly integrates KYC-compliant identities into the token, ensuring that all holders are fully verified before they are able to transfer it on.

                                Grayscale Adds Stellar to Crypto Portfolio


                                Greyscale Investments, the company behind The Bitcoin Investment Trust, announced today that it will offer a fund to let professional investors gain exposure to Stellar and its digital currency known as Lumens.

                                Stellar, sits firmly at a ranking of number 6, according to CoinMarketCap, at the time of posting. Stellar is the brainchild of Jed McCaleb, an icon in the cryptocurrency world, who also founded Ripple.

                                The project, which gained early backing from fintech giant Stripe, is pushing to make its Lumens currency part of real world banking operations.

                                Sergio Demian Lerner Says the Constantinople Bug Was Known


                                A long time and respected crypto researcher Sergio Demian Lerner has come out and said that the Constantinople bug was revealed several months ago.

                                Lerner stated that at “Coinspect, a team discussed the ‘vulnerability’ that today block the Ethereum (ETH) Network hard fork. We knew that some contracts would break on EIP1283 and created an example contract that was vulnerable. We thought this was evident and well-known.”

                                However, Lerner went on to say that he did not inform the Ethereum developers about the vulnerability because it was so obvious.

                                VanEck Assures NASDAQ the Crypto Market Will Improve in 2019


                                  Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrency market will grow slowly and steadily in 2019, Gabor Gurbacs told Nasdaq.

                                  The current chief digital asset strategist at VanEck, a New York-based investment giant, said that investors would be more willing to invest in digital assets. Given that security and development in custody would bring due diligence to the industry.

                                  Gurbacs said investors do not like cut-corners in the structure of the digital market structure. They expect their assets to be safe which means increased surveillance. And frankly, convenience in investing funds with systems they understand.

                                  CoinGate and Surfshark Team Up for Smarter Crypto Payments


                                  Payment Processing company Coingate teamed up with privacy service provider Surfshark for a pilot project of the Litecoin Lighning Network (LN) solution.


                                  Surfshark is the first company in the world to accept LN payments via the Lightning Network during the test phase, which begins on today.

                                  The partnership is an important milestone for the whole community of cryptocurrency advocates. It proves that, despite the complicated nature of blockchain architecture, exchange of cryptocurrencies between peers can be instant and seamless.

                                  Bear Market to Persist Throughout 2020 Says Bitmain’s Representative


                                  Dai Pengcheng Bitmain’s sales representative said in a recent interview that the Crypto bear market will continue through 2019 and 2020.

                                  The cryptocurrency market cap has dropped from 85% from a peak of $800 billion to a measly $120 billion. Bitcoin (BTC) the largest cryptocurrency has lost over 82% of its value from peak price.

                                  The longest so far was 1178 days long. The current bear market is at 396 days at the time of writing and if the past is any indication, BTC will not hit all-time high’s until March 2021.

                                  Stock Exchange of Thailand Set to Apply for Digital Asset License

                                  Thailand has steadily and slowly been making its mark as a preferred destination for crypto companies. The country has carved itself a niche for itself in the crypto market and is becoming one of Asia’s major players.

                                  While nations like Malaysia are grappling with the concept, Thailand, Singapore and Japan already have frameworks in place for cryptocurrency and its evolution.

                                  The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) is mulling over the decision to apply for digital asset operating license from the Finance Ministry and become an official and authorized digital exchange this year.

                                  KuCoin Annouces AION Wallet Services Are Functional


                                  KuCoin exchange has completed its MainNet PAL Network Swap. During the swap the services were on maintenance mode, which in turn put all transactions on hold preventing customers on the exchange from using it for any types of trade.

                                  However, as the service slowly comes back online, users of the AION wallet have been granted withdrawal privileges, with the assumption that more services for AION and other wallets on the exchange will follow.

                                  Crypto Markets Stale Except For Binance Coin


                                  Over the last 24 hours the crypto markets have been relatively stable. With the top 10 coins showing barely any movement.

                                  However, further down the list there are some outliers that are actually gaining after the drop on the 13th of January. At the time of writing, CoinMaketCap indicated that Binance Coin (BNB) priced at $6.09 and gaining by 0.25% is coin among the top 20 coins that is not a stable coin to be in the green.

                                  BNB is keeping its head above the board due to the launch of the Binance Fiat Exchange in Jersery.

                                  Pantera Capital Forms Non-Profit to Create Superior Cryptocurrency


                                  Pantera Capital the hedge fund, has formed a non-profit group consisting of academics comprised of seven colleges among which include the MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley called Distributed Technology Research.

                                  The aims of the project is to create a cryptocurrency that is superior to Bitcoin in terms of speed that ‘users can only dream of’ without compromising the core tenant of crypto: decentralization.

                                  The coin will be called Unit-e, and aims to remedy the flaws of BitCoin and achieve mainstream adoption.

                                  DTR expect their virtual coin to outperform the transaction speeds of even VISA.

                                  Coinify to Power BitCoin (BTC) Purchases in BRD Wallet


                                  Coinify, a bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment provider, has announced they are partnering with BRD, a simple bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallet to support increased access.

                                  The partnership will bring BRD to 34 countries in the European market specifically the SEPA region. This will allow customers to purchase BTC at cost-efficient rates with SEPA banks and the transfers will be conducted within the wallet’s Andriod and iOS friendly mobile apps.

                                  The trade integration will be serviced by Coinify’s Wallet Trading Solution, the company’s newly rebranded API-based product providing compliant and fraud-free trading solutions to wallet partners.

                                  Crpto Markets Stabilize With Minimal Action


                                  At the time of writing, according to, the major coins are seeing minior prices changes across the board over the last 24 hours.

                                  The top 10 coins are are seeing mild losses capped at the -2-3% and almost half of the top 20 are even seeing a rise in price.

                                  Seeing some growth are Cardano (ADA), up 1.9% at $0.05, privacy-focused alt Monero (XMR), up 0.75% and NEM (XEM), up 2.06%.

                                  After the colossal drop experienced on the 13th of January, BTC is down only -0.92%, priced at $3,637.03. While Ripple (XRP), is down -1.55% with Ehtereum, a further -2.43%.


                                  KuCoin MainNet Swap of PAL is Complete


                                  The KuCoin exchange announced on Twitter that their long-awaited MainNet Swap for the PAL Network has been completed. The swap has not affected the original deposit address of PAL.

                                  KuCoin announced that when the swap occurs the MainNet token will automatically swap for PAL holders, which prevents customers from having to move tokens and potentially lose value.

                                  To ensure the smooth release of the PAL MainNet and the proceeding of the swap, KuCoin closed the PAL deposit and withdrawal services temporarily.

                                  Malaysia Restricts Crypto Activity Until New Guidelines Enforced


                                  Malaysia just passed laws on regulating cryptocurrencies. During this transition period the Malaysian Securities Commission had the following to say:

                                  “Crypto exchange operators are prohibited from accepting new clients and ICO projects must return all clients’ funds, until the new services regulator is ready to formally authorize their activities.”

                                  The exchanges and ICO projects will have to obtain licenses before they can start operating in order to comply with the laws passed and avoid the hefty cost.


                                  The EOSIO Sidechain BOSCORE ($BOS) is Launching in 24 Hours


                                    The EOSIO sidechain BOSCORE ($BOS) is launching in less than 24 hours, it is supported by some of the most prominent BPs. Between the many are EOS42, Huobi, EOS NY, and others.

                                    BOSCORE’s EOSIO is purpose built for dApps that solve real world problems. BOS Network will also make attempts to improve in other areas.

                                    Incentives for BP (block producers) on the BOS Network will be adjusted according to the number of dApps on the chain, TPS, market value, liquidity and other indicators.

                                    Each BP incentive awarded is an encouragement for providing the provision of more resources for the ecology.

                                    Binance CEO Receives Backlash After Recommending Wallet Storage


                                      Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, one of the most popular exchanges in the market, has been criticized after recommending users to store their digital assets on exchanges.

                                      He suggested users use the most reputable and secure exchanges in the market rather than in USBs or cold storage wallets.

                                      The crypto community was quick to comment, a Twitter user asked Binance’s CEO why he does not promise insurance if he is so confident about the exchange. Another has also commented on this issue saying that there is always a way an exchange could get compromised.

                                      Ledger Bank Enables Grin Deposit Service for Tether


                                        Ledger Bank, began to develop in December 2015 and is a digital asset exchange which have over 3 million of registered users and average daily trading volume reached 180 million US dollars.

                                        LBank has opened the C2C service zone which provide stable coin LBCN ,the users can get LBCN from dealer and then exchange with other digital assets on LBank platform.

                                        It has announced a partnership with Tether (USDT) and Lbank will begin trading LBCN/USDT pairs is now trading on LBank as of January 16th, 2019.


                                        Ripple Deny Claims That XRP Ledger Is Set For a Takeover


                                          A response from Ripple’s Garlinghouse and Schwartz came about due to reports that the top ten crypto coins were set for a hostile takeover. An article claimed a project named Valor would devastate the XRP ledger soon. To do this it would short the XRP token, fork it and crate the valor ledge to replace it.

                                          The response from Ripple’s CEO was swift and harsh, he reprimanded the writer for suggestion and demanded that those covering the crypto world exercise more professionalism.

                                          Malaysia to Jail Illegal ICO and Exchange Operators for 10 Years


                                          Running an unregistered crypto exchange or an initial coin offering (ICO) in Malaysia could land the operator in jail for a maximum of 10 years and upto $2.43 million in fines

                                          The Securities Commission Malasyis (SC), the country’s financial watchdog, has announced that it would categorize cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) as securities. The commission confirmed the regulation have come into force on the 15th January.

                                          Therefore, licenses will now be required to operate crypto-based operations in the country. Finance minister Lim Guan Eng clarified that individuals found to be breaking their crypto laws would be treated accordingly.

                                          Next Crypto Wave Will Be Stablecoins and Security Tokens


                                          Bitcoin Association Switzerland board member Luzius Meisser said the next wave of crypto innovation will focus on stablecoins and security tokens during the Crypto Finance Conference.

                                          In regard to the medium term future of crypto, Meisser said he expects the initial coin offering sector to undergo significant changes, observing that until now ICO investors had negligible rights and were more akin to donors.

                                          He expects demands for their protections to become more tangible, and that the ICO’s market will see a wave of heavy regulation.

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