Wednesday, November 21, 2018
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Betting and Gaming DApps Most Popular on ETH

A report published by has stated that a majority of DApps being created on the Ethereum blockchain are related to gaming or betting....

No Correlation Between SEC and Market – Blockchain Attorney

Blockchain attorney Stephen Palley has stated that there is no correlation between the SEC enforcement actions and the market conditions. Speaking on Bloomberg TV, Palley...

Coinbase Re-opens Bitcoin Cash Trading

Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange has re-opened Bitcoin Cash trading, which it had suspended while the hardfork was underway. Prices today reflected the bear market and...

Circle Stablecoin Releases Auditor Attestation  

Circle Internet Financial has released an attestation by Grant Thornton LLP stating that Circle had $127,412,240.89 in custody as of the 31st of October,...
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