Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Bitcoin Experiences Volatility

On the 22nd of January, Bitcoin (BTC) and its would-be peers have begun to regain a bit of their characteristic volatility. After range-trading between $3,550...

Apollo (APL) Coin Allegedly Engaged in a Pump and Dump Scheme

Over the course of the last few weeks, Apollo coin saw a massive 400% growth in market cap followed by a swift decline back...

Huobi Exchange CFO Hints at Their Own Stablecoin

In a recent press release, Huobi has announced its intention to launch their own stablecoin as part of its 2019 agenda. This isn’t the only...

Was November the Last Big Bitcoin Sell-Off?

According to a crypto technical analyst (@MoonOverlord), November 2018 may have been the last sell-off of Bitcoin (BTC) and a long consolidation period is...
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